A Lifetime of Wisdom Courtesy of Twitter


Despite what the famous book told me, I didn’t learn all I needed to know in kindergarten. I learned a few things there, like please and thank you and not to eat the paste no matter how much it looks like fluffy frosting. Most of the rest was learned from growing up in a dysfunctional home, cutting my own bangs one too many times, and having a rare tumor. But I really acquired all my Dalai Lama level wisdom from Twitter. And now, you can too. Here’s every bit of advice you need to live a happy and successful life.

On health and diet:

On beauty and aging:

On living a clean life:

On finding love:

On being bilingual:

On the grass not always being greener:

On coping in the Trump years:

On being polite:

On cultivating empathy:

On fashion and fatherhood:

On killing two birds with one stone:

On adulthood being overrated:

On keeping it real:

On blogging, from your friendly neighborhood blogger, me: