My Year In Review

The first month of my 2017 started with a social media detox, which didn’t really seem to do anything because, thanks to this blog, now I’m more connected to the internet than ever before. This blog was born in that month long detox. I’d been off chemo for a few months, but was still enduring most of the side effects I did while on it. The brain fog was beginning to clear a bit and I started to think about writing again.

One night, while brushing my teeth, the words “I’m sick and so are you” ran through my head. I jotted the phrase down on a post-it note and went to bed. I woke up the next morning, read my scribbles and thought, if I were ever to write a book about what I had just been through that would be a great title. I started writing not long after that, jotting down all the things I’d learned in those years while it was still fresh. I had no goal in mind, didn’t know if it was a book or a blog or a diary that I would shove into my underwear drawer and never see again.

Obviously I decided on the blog because here we are. Having written other blogs before this one, the decision was pretty easy. It felt comfortable and it was a way to test the waters. Can I still write? Does anyone really care to read about a rare tumor they’ve probably never heard of? Do I have the stamina, the heart it requires to put out at least a post or two a week? I suppose the answer to all those questions has been yes.

I published just under 100 blog posts this year. I went from that one brave soul willing to follow me to a little more than 1,200 of you. I was Discovered once, wrote three guest posts here at WordPress, and had my work published on two other sites. It should be noted, my work has been declined by many more sites than it has been published on. My stats peaked in the summer and have been in a steady decline ever since. I started out convinced I would conquer the blogging world and write one viral post after another. I’ve since had my feet put back on solid ground, settled into reality, and accepted my blogging anonymity.

The very first blog post I wrote here was entitled, Humanity Might Want to Consider a Social Media Detox. It chronicled my month off of social media and all the things I learned in the process. That post acquired a paltry 49 views. It also contains a rather ridiculous Snapchat of me with a beard, so you might want to check it out just for the laughs.

My ten best performing blog posts this year are as follows:

10.) When A Predator Is Your Friend – My cautionary blogging tale of a former friend and fellow blogger that was found to be sexually harassing several women bloggers here at WordPress. He’s since left the premises, but last I observed was still conning folks out of money online with his tales of mental health woe. A leopard never changes his spots, I tell ya.

9.) My Spam Cup Runneth Over –  One of the two posts I’ve written poking fun of my spam comments. These might be the easiest blog posts I write. They basically write themselves.

8.) Why Would Anyone Live In Florida? – A passionate defense of those who choose to live in my birth state written as I was watching Hurricane Irma barrel toward them and reading heartless comments on the internet about how they deserve catastrophe for daring to live in the path of so many storms.

7.) 5 Things You Can Do Instead Of Burning That Jersey – You can only hate on NFL players for taking a knee if you’ve done these five things. And even then you can’t.

6.) We Need To Talk About Derek – No spiders were harmed in the making of this blog post, but if I could have I would have.

5.) Take Your Platitude And Shove It Up Your….. – One thing people love to do when you’re sick is give you their precious pearls of wisdom. I hate that shit. Let me tell you why.

4.) Old Me Tells Young Me What’s What – If I could go back through all the different stages of my life and give myself a little bit of advice this is what I’d say.

3.) 5 Secrets Of People Whose Homes Are Never Clean – Fun fact: my home has only ever been entirely clean for 3.2 minutes on that one day back in the 2003. Here are the secrets of my success.

2.) Misery Awaits You – 8 simple tried and true tips to help you live your most miserable life.

1.) I Need To Tell You –  By far my most read post, it was Discovered back in July. It was published on The Mighty under another title and was liked over 1,500. times. It’s the piece I’m most proud of, the best thing I’ve ever written. It’s a raw post written through many tears. If you want to know how robbed I’ve felt at times after being diagnosed with this tumor, read this. It is straight from my heart.

It was a good year, for the most part. I had time to recover from years of drug regimens that might have killed me, but instead one eventually killed my tumor. My hair grew back from chemo, my joints no longer ache. I almost feel like myself again. I moved from the only state I’ve ever lived in and got to see snow for the second time in my whole life, granted it was only a few flakes that didn’t stick, but it was an exciting time nonetheless.

I met Eli from Coach Daddy and Emily from The Perks of Being an Artist. I’ve read some amazing pieces of work from you and have been lucky enough to call some of you my friend. This year started with a dead tumor and a lot of hope. After my last MRI, I don’t know if 2018 will tell the same story, but I will still be here telling mine. Be it good or be it not so good, I hope to carry on writing about whatever strikes my fancy and I hope you come along for the ride.

And, always, forever and always, thank you. Thank you for reading and commenting and connecting. Thank you for being kind and making me laugh and letting me tell you all about my rare tumor. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


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