You Are Going To Write My Next Blog Post

There comes a day in every blogger’s life when the well runs dry. Either you run out of ideas or time or patience or caffeine or Skittles. Such is the life of this blogger. Time is becoming a scarcity, as homeschooling is more structured for us when the “normal” kids start school. With no hurricanes looming and nothing happening on the health front until the end of the month I am sorta kinda devoid of ideas. Even the lattes and junk food won’t shake the cobwebs loose. And, I’ve been suffering from a lack of indignant rage, which is so unlike me. Like, what the hell?

I’ve been wanting to do a regular weekly or monthly or biweekly or every third Saturday topic, but I don’t like any of my own ideas. I wanted to make my own Proust Questionnaire, but some of the questions I came up with may be illegal in a few states, so I shelved that idea. Jojo hasn’t done anything even remotely annoying lately. What’s a blogger to do?

That’s where you come in. You’re going to write my next blog post. Hopefully you’re going to write a few of them for me. I mean, really, it’s the least you can do for me. Didn’t I give one of you a kidney or part of my liver? Or got your kid accepted to Harvard? Certainly I’ve bought crappy wrapping paper from a school fundraiser or something along those lines, haven’t I? I’ve at least said hi to you once or twice. Or maybe that was in my head. I think.

Don’t get scared. I’m not asking you to write a thousand words or come up with a doctoral thesis. Your job is actually super, super simple. You just have to come up with a question, any question. Anything you want to know about me or this blog or my disease. Need life advice from someone patently unqualified to give it? Or you can just leave some constructive criticism. General random factoids are also accepted. And the great thing is, you can do it completely anonymously through the messaging app Sarahah. If you don’t want to be anonymous you can add your name or your blog’s name at the end. I’ll add your link. Either way is cool with me.

The whole point of this is to be fun and funny and did I mention funny? If you want to be an asshole, go right ahead. I invite it. Depending upon where the hormonal pendulum swings with me I with either ignore it or mock you mercilessly, which could be very funny. Maybe not for you, but I’d get a good laugh. I grew up the youngest of 6 children. I am a master at fending off insults with brutal sarcasm. It’s one of my many gifts, which also include being able to consume copious amounts of candy without developing diabetes. Well, so far at least.

So, here’s what you do. You click on this link here, which goes to my Sarahah account, and you leave me an anonymous question or comment or two or three. Then, you share this post, pretty please, to get the word out so I have more than the only two messages I’ve received so far from bots telling me they’re horny and asking me to go to their web cam. I’m sure that’s legit and all, but not exactly what I’m looking for.

Hopefully this will be a regular thing, a fun thing. Dare I say fucking genius and hilarious? Or, maybe it won’t and the next blog post I have will be all about how Jojo tries to be the alpha vag around here by stealing my side of the bed every time I get up. For everyone’s sake I hope it doesn’t come to that. Please, don’t let it come to that.


*Featured image courtesy of Pixabay.