More Somewhat Motivational Quotes

There are times in life when all hope seems lost and a gray shadow is cast upon everything as far as the eye can see. In those times, some people will look for motivation to inspire and encourage them to carry forth against all odds. I am not one of those people. In times of strife, I will only look for motivation so I can mock it mercilessly and let out a hearty yet cynical laugh. I don’t know why. It just makes me feel better. If you enjoyed my first Ten Somewhat Motivational Quotes, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the next ten, all written by me on backgrounds found at Canva. You can even click on the pictures to start a handy little slideshow.



24 thoughts on “More Somewhat Motivational Quotes

  1. These are awesome!!
    I am not sure why but I was never very keen on motivational quotes. They just seem fake to me. I’d prefer a hug when I’m feeling low OR a laugh. These are way better.

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