Ten Somewhat Motivational Quotes


If you read my piece on platitudes then you know how “fond” I am of them. If you haven’t read my piece on platitudes, shame on you because it’s some of my best work. When you’re sick, every well meaning soul crawls out of the woodwork to try and boost your spirits and make everything okay, but when you’re sick, you realize it just ain’t that easy. I’m afraid one cliché sentence placed on a backdrop of glittering stars isn’t going to make the side effects of oral chemo any easier, but thanks for the effort.

With the help of PictureQuotes.Com I’ve been able to turn my bitter resentment into something creative. I’ve reworked some obtuse, unoriginal, and otherwise absurd motivational thoughts into more realistic pearls of wisdom. Nothing sappy here. Nothing ridiculous. These are the Goldilocks of inspiration, just enough encouragement to be somewhat motivating.





hard work

quiet mind







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