Say It In Just Six Words

A funny thing happens when you’re moving. You become slightly homicidal, for one, but that’s not the funny thing. The funny thing is that you have no time to write. Wait, that’s not the funny thing either. Oh yeah! There is no funny thing that happens when you’re moving because MOVING SUCKS!

So, when Skinny and Single posted about a six word story competition my interest was piqued. In between packing and crying I thought to myself, certainly I could find time to write six measly words here and there. It’s a little more difficult than you’d think to come up with an evocative story in just six words, but I have appreciated the distraction in between tears and power washing and bubble wrap. Feel free to peruse some of my work below, as well as information on how you can take part in the six word story fun.

You can participate, too, if you so choose. Check out Skinny and Single’s post about the competition for all the rules and make sure to tag her in your Twitter or Instagram posts. I’ve posted some of these on my Instagram. I found my backgrounds at, but there are other sites that offer free backgrounds. You don’t even have to write anything to participate. You can check out #sixwordstorycompetition and read what others have contributed. You’ve got no excuses. Go do it, for the love of all things holy! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to wrap myself in bubble wrap and mail myself to a deserted island.